Simon Krueger


The event I've been waiting for all year is finally here! The Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride is tomorrow! STP is a huge 200 mile bike ride that starts in Seattle on the University of Washington campus and ends in Downtown Portland. 10,000 bike riders participate each year. Riders complete the ride in one or two days. Two day riders stop at a half way point to sleep for the night in a tent or in a hotel. Last year, I did the event in two days. This year, I am doing it in one.

Map of STP route

Route and stops

I will be getting up at 3:30 AM tomorrow to meet my friends at the starting line at 4:30 AM. I have 3 alarms set to make sure I get up on time. I have all my stuff packed and laid out on my kitchen table. It is all ready for me to go.

All my biking gear layed out on my kitchen table

All my biking gear laid out and ready to go

I'll be riding in my Cannondale CAAD8 I got bike in 2010 when I was an intern. My friend just tuned it up and put new handle bar wrappings on it. I'm excited to see how it feels tomorrow.

My Cannondale CAAD8. The bike I'll be using for the event tomorrow

My 2010 Cannondale CAAD8

Each year they give out a little gift to the riders. The past few years they gave out a light biking jacket with that year's STP design on it. This year they are giving away a very nice multipurpose tool with the 2014 STP logo on one side and the Cascade Bicycle Club logo on the other. This tool is very nice. I never wore the jacket I got last year. It was too small for me. They ran out of my size. This gift avoids that whole issue.

STP 2014 gift multipurpose tool STP logo side

Group Health & STP logo side

STP 2014 gift multipurpose tool Cascade logo side

Cascade Bicycle Club logo side

I hope I do well tomorrow. I've never rode 200 miles in a day before. I am prepared. I have been training. The past few weeks I've been biking about 100 miles each week. I've been saying do or die over the past few weeks. I have a good group of friends to ride with and my friend's wife will be riding along for support in case anything happens.

Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it turns out.