Simon Krueger


I finally got around to learning tmux this morning. Tmux is basically a beefed up version of GNU Screen. It hosts virtual terminal sessions and it allows you to split up a single terminal window into multiple ones. My co-founder, Sam, was the one to suggest using tmux. He suggested using it about a week ago or so. However, I put off learning it until I discovered this crash course in the O'Reilly programming newsletter. Tmux is pretty simple and the article did a great job teaching me. Tmux commands start with Ctrl + b followed by an additional key (e.g., Ctrl + b, % will create a new vertically split pane). It's really cool because I can run our django dev server in one pane and have bash running unit tests in another, all in the same terminal window. My favorite feature has to be the copy paste feature. I can copy anything in the terminal window without my hands ever leaving the keyboard. Ctrl + b, [ to enter in copy selection mode. With vim keybindings on, use h, j, k, l to move around, Space to enter into selection, Enter to capture the selection and finally Ctrl + b, ] to paste the selection.